Why it’s the best VPN for Saudi Arabia ?

First of all, WASEL PRO is one of the best VPN services on internet for multiple reasons.

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best VPN for Saudi Arabia

1- There is not much VPN services which gives you a one click application to run OpenVPN to multiple servers, usually it’s like that, you get 1 account to 1 specific VPN server from the provider network, but at WASEL Pro the same account you have can let you connect to any server WITH OpenVPN and just 1 click away, no set-up, no hassle.

2- Second reason it’s the best for Saudi Arabia and the Best VPN for middle east is that they pretty much know how routing works in that region and picked servers in location for the lowest latency in the middle east, Most of other VPN services you can get max of 2MB with it, with waselpro it’s possible to get your whole 8 MB connection when things are going well.

3- Alternative protocol for al hand devices, L2tp secured protocol.

4- One click application for OpenVPN over SSH, well, Not actually much services provide that, usually it’s, take your config files and go away figure out how it works.

Saudi Arabia VPN service for unblocking websites and internet sites in KSA

In Saudi Arabia when it comes to world wide list of countries which is supportive in terms of freedom of speech and freedom of press, the KSA comes at 161 out of 173. Recently in 2013 Saudi Arabia have decided to block the VOIP service viber which driven a lot of users to start using VPN service to be able to use their favorite VOIP application inside Saudi Arabia. Speaking of which VPN is the best we think Saudi VPN will provide you with the best option for using all your favorit services and websites without any issues or censorship. We have figured out all what Saudi Arabia citizens or foregin resident of the KSA would like to find in their VPN service which is, ease of use, security, speed, and combined them in one VPN service for saudi arabia. Saudi arabia VPN provides you with the best VPN service in the middle easy, with global network of servers from France, Sweden, USA (Multiple servers) UK, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germamy. All the VPN servers are ranking at top hardware among servers in the same data centers.

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Saudi Arabia VPN service for unblocking websites